Urgent! To ensure hyper animation of sales, seeks sparkling co-operator …

In trade-show today, the co-operator is to retail what was the cobranding in the product (eg Sony Erickson). Brand, store, but also website will rely on a transient or permanent actor bringing added skills and know how. This opens new fields of action with a stronger impact. A multiplier effect which makes that each sells more.

Two founding facts:

– The direct economy.
The consumer gets organized from computer or mobile phone. The field of shopping pulse decreases in the real world. Less time, less space.

– The growing gap between most modern business driven by specialists or concept stores (fashion, technologies, sport) and traditional businesses.
The mass retail being the most concerned in this category.

How those businesses that were not designed for it originally will “make the show”?
How to capture the Internet consumer and make him come to the store?
How to establish exchanges between brand, retail and website?
How to catch more visitors and keep them the time to demonstrate the value of the brand or store?

Answer: by hooking the consumer’s attention on what is irresistible to him: music, theater, cinema, cooking, sports, games … To sell beer, drinks, ice creams, personal care and beauty, travel, transport, …

The shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels and even airports fetch partners of shop in shop, conceptual art, equipment , additional activities and also thematic workshops, rental services and much more. For example, these last years all the good hotels integrated spas, usually given to an exclusive care brand.
Leverage activity to expand the scope of supply in content and geography, incorporating co actors become an essential tool to modernize the trade, as important as discounted an promotional prices, as important as interactions with Web services.

New consumer and product trend to inspire your product and brand strategy for 2012.
This trend lies at the convergence of four of the 10 trends not to be missed:

Here are some ways,


Strengthen its core business by offering additional discoveries and pathways that will keep the client and the visitor.

In Budapest, Printa Akademia offers around its printer business a concept store, a cafe, an exhibition gallery and workshops.
The travel agent Voyage Privé has partnered with Ideali a site in New York of sale flash for fashion products. Two customer’s streams having the same profile meet to increase the visits on both sites.
Dreams of Burma is a partnership between National Geographic and Fotopedia , an application giving both images and a tour guide.


Electrolux installs a mobile restaurant in different magical places in association with the designers of Park Associati. The hotels are hard to afford new experiences by partnering with brands.
The Plaza Athenee in Paris created a Barbie room. A hotel offers its clients the use of a luxury Mini included in the price of  the room.
Gaylord Hotels are associated with the film studio DreamWorks to offer themed family experiences.
IKEA opens a pop up hotel in a motorway service area in France in association with APRR.
Quick Silver and Red Bull create together Art of Flight, a film of extreme sports sold on iTunes.



Hang consumers in their favorite activities to acquaint a new experience. Show the added pleasure of the product during this activity and the desirability of the brand.

A partnership between DeLonghi and Kenwood to create Cook & Coffee.
Free cooking workshops with an exhibition of Kenwood and DeLonghi collections.
Häagen Dasz Boudoir opened in July and inaugurated by the stars of fashion offers a fashion show, a series of events while enjoying a free ice cream.
Stores Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf organized in association with Stagelt a series of concerts in the stores you can access on the net. In London, Burberry’s fashion show on the Coca-Cola billboard in Oxford Circus.




For brands, interactive events broadcast live on the net seem to displace VIP social ones. Is the proximity of the brand more important than its status as a goal?

Again, alliances between brand, operator and magical place.

Music, theater, cinema, museum, photos.

Coca-Cola + the group Maroon5 + Facebook. 24 hours to design, produce and broadcast a show with the fans.
The Teatro of Madrid picked up by Häagen Dasz combines entertainment and tasting free ice cream.
Heineken Light with Indie, Starbucks with Feist organize street concerts and concerts broadcast on the net.
Ford launches Ford Music with Universal. Any buyer can download free and legal, for one year of music.
Dell and Intel are launching the musical platform Noisey with clips of emergent artists of the whole world.


Dior is organizing an exhibition with the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Chanel with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai.
Lancôme settles down to Artcurial of Paris for an exhibition around its emblem, the rose with the cooperation of 20 photographers.
Bic presents to the London Museum of Brand art works made ​​with its products by well known artists.
Volvo organized an Art Session in the historic station of Zurich for the launch of S60..


Creating Live

Fendi invites designers to realize sculptures of live art behind a window of a store of the brand. In London and Madrid, Dolce & Gabbana confides the decoration of shop windows to fashion bloggers. The realization can be followed on the net.



It is as to invite the friend who knows how to make a little bit boring assembly laugh.

The hypermarkets Carrefour Planet to create a sushi bar, a hair bar, a makeup bar managed by its suppliers.
Sephora opens Sephora Nail Studio Art with the operator Xpress Spa.

There are countless airports, railway stations, subway stations, shopping malls hosting exhibitions, pop-up stores, bars, stalls and vending machines. With the dual benefit of animation and additional income.
Tesco Home Plus installs in Korea virtual shelf spaces in a subway station. With a smartphone you can order products by scanning the QR code for delivery that evening.




What gathers charity and recycling is the frequent need to act with a specialized operator.

Coca-Cola and Auchan built the Green Station to recover and recycle cans and bottles.
The beauty brand Garnier works with TerraCycle on a program of recycling of worn out conditionings.
The Link charity makes an agreement with English banks. The cash machines offer to take small amounts to the organization





The Co-Operation win win, a principle of action that consumers adapted for a long time. What is good for consumers is good for brands. The trade show is required for the upgrading of the retail, and the re-enchantment of the shopping and the street as to increase visibility and attractiveness of brands.

We can thus expect acceleration in 2012 of Co-operation and a surge in business innovation. More than ever, the gap will be created between those who move and those who stagnate.

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