Fantastic IKEA Event Invites 100 Facebook Fans For Sleepover

Posted: 05/01/2012 in Marketing

There’s many campaigns where companies and brands create social media pages that highlight an event or campaign that they’re hosting. However, not all have to follow this line of thinking with furniture and product store IKEA deciding to host a sleepover in one of its U.K. stores based in Essex thanks to Facebook.

The inspiration for this event was a Facebook group called ‘I wanna have a sleepover in IKEA’, which has almost 100,000 fans. IKEA allowed 100 of these fans the opportunity to spend one night in IKEA. The event was held in November with a minimum age of 25 and a strict pajama-only dress code.

Those who participated received goodie bags (which contained eye masks, slippers, towel and midnight snacks), were served food and hot chocolate, got massages and manicures, watched a midnight movie and had a bedtime story read to them. Also a sleep expert was on hand to give the best advice for getting a good night’s sleep.

The campaign was smart as not only is it a great PR stunt but it also gives consumers more time to look at and try out different products (i.e. the furniture and beds). Apparently people only spend five minutes of their time choosing a bed so this sleepover gave them the chance to try out a bed for the night.

Some clever thinking as well as recognising a brilliant opportunity to engage with their fans meant that IKEA created an event that has got people talking and wishing that their nearest IKEA will hold a similar event.

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