The 5 Tech Blogs That Will Grow Influence And Explode In 2012

Posted: 05/01/2012 in Social Networking/ Social Media, Strategy, Technology

It’s been a pretty busy year on the tech blogging front. We’ve seen Techcrunch more or less falling apart at the seems, the editor of Mashable get sacked, Arrington set up his own blog, seen rumors of new blogs starting and had the usual fuss about Tech blogs being dead. Social media has helped drive these blogs to a new level because of the speed at which content is spreading but there is without doubt a bit of a shift in the landscape happening at the moment. We wanted to move away from the usual suspects and share the 5 blogs that we think will have huge break out years in 2012 and dominate the tech space…


Although this blog has not launched or officially been confirmed yet you just know it is going to be huge in 2012. When people like Internet god Marc Andreeson and blogging “godfather” Michael Arrington invest you know the project will take off. Who knows what it will cover but Lacey is smart, ambitious and has had her finger on the pulse of tech circles for years and is connected in all the right places.
The Verge

Joshua Topolsky and Marty Moe founded this publication in 2011 and even though it is something closer to a full on media site than a blog we are still counting it because of the nature of it’s content. They are already starting to make waves and their content is beautifully designed, unique and refreshing. A strong focus on rich media like video will help them differentiate in 2012 and it should be a massive year of growth for them providing they nail the business model.

The Next Web

Our good friends (we have contributed lots of articles there) have been growing solidly over the last year and are starting to get a serious presence in the USA and Silicon Valley in particular. We may be biased but the best tech stories we see every day are always on TNW and their concise fast reporting means they are usually breaking the biggest stories and a must read for all of us in the industry. Except super growth again from the all star team in 2012.


This is my first stop nearly every single day of the week for their quality hype free tech writing. The cover the emerging trends, new technologies and because their business model does not depend on page views (they have lots of premium research services) they don’t get involved in all the silly tech stories. They just raised funding so hopefully that will mean lots more quality content for us readers.
Paris Lemon

MG Seigler has been writing for some time on Techcrunch and although I don’t always agree with his forthright opinions he does get people talking and thinking about the subjects he covers. Just like his old boss Michael Arrington he is not scared to put himself at the center of the story and although that can seem like having a big ego at times it more often than not works in terms of getting the big scoops. Strong opinions and compelling reading. 2012 will be a massive break out year for this blog, even more so than this year


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