Google Politics: Campaign News Hub for Tracking 2012 Election & More

Posted: 06/01/2012 in PR & Ads
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While this year’s U.S. election is practically months away, that hasn’t stopped Google from announcing their new hub for keeping track of all the developments and updates of the 2012 campaign. Google’s new site is practically a rejigged version of Google News, but with search and filter options focusing on the various Republician candidates running this year as well as the current President, Barack Obama. The search function also covers the major issues that will feature in the election race including immigration, healthcare and employment.

While the focus is currently on the U.S. elections, Google are hoping that the page will grow and incorporate elections and political coverage from around the world. There is also a presskit included for journalists and media personal who wish to keep track of what’s happening.

However, that doesn’t mean that those covering the events physically won’t be treated as Digital Trends report that Google are creating media hangout centres for journalists. For the Iowa caucus happening today, google have established a centre featuring bean bags charis, couches, touchscreen TVs, a tech help centre, two treadmills, coffee and ‘local cuisine’ to help them cover the event. While it is another attempt for Google to shoehorn social elements into all their products – especially their encouragement to use Google+ and Youtube (although their coverage on Youtube is impressive with interactive graphs which delve deeper into the race) – they have recognised that this election and future ones will be shaped by social media and the web and therefore consumed that way.


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