Unique Facebook Timeline Themed Business Cards

Posted: 06/01/2012 in Marketing

You have probably already seen the extremely unique MOO business cards before but the company have taken things to the next level today with a deep integration with Facebook. The new promotion sees MOO recreating the new Facebook Timeline design on their cards so as you can create unique, elegant social media themed business cards that will help you stand out in the real world. It’s all part of a partnership with Facebook that will see the company give away 50 cards to the first 200,000 people who sign up with equates to a whopping 10 million free cards. You can head over now to grab your cards with the option to personalize each of the 50 cards thanks to MOO’s unique printing system and you can also add a custom quote to the back of each card.

 The best thing about this service is that once you grant the app access to your information it actually pulls in all your photos and previous timelines to make the business cards for you. You can customize them all and drag and drop the content around until you are completely happy with your designs. MOO have been getting great traction with their regular cards but this is yet another example of a business using Facebook to take their business to a completely new level and we love it!

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