24h Coca-Cola + Maroon 5 Crowdsourcing Gig

Posted: 08/01/2012 in PR & Ads

 The idea is that Maroon 5 will open up their studio for a 24h live stream event on Facebook with Coca-Cola, working together to with their social communities to concept, write, record and produce a new song in just 24 hours, made completely from the communities input.

The event is by Facebook invite only and at the moment, has about 6,000 RSVP’s while the campaign video is a little static at just 15,000 views on YouTube… So, the question begs to be asked, is branded crowdsourcing getting old? Perhaps just so common that people just don’t want to engage with it any more? Coca Cola has over 23 million Facebook fans, so you’d be expecting at least 100,000 people to accept the invite right? That’s not even half a percent!


Weirdly, the last 7x posts to those 23 million plus fans were specifically promos for the Maroon 5 crowdsourcing campaign, it seems that the entire community has just ignored it, with only a few hundred comments per post.

Click here for campaign web site:



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