Anti Drug Campaign Uses Facebook Timeline To Make Its Point

Posted: 09/01/2012 in PR & Ads, Social Networking/ Social Media
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A new campaign by an agency in Israel uses Facebook’s new timeline feature to highlight what drug use can do to you. The profile features a young man named Adam Barak and his entire profile is split in to two halves with pictures of him being a fit an healthy young man placed alongside images of him as a drug addict. Created by Mccann Erickson in Israel the major problem with the campaign is that it is actually not allowed within Facebook’s own TOS as you are not allowed to use personal profiles to do any sort of promotion. Having said that the campaign is a smart way of highlighting drug use and what it can do to people in a very real way that the target market can clearly understand. Because the campaign uses Facebook timeline it is already getting lots of attention on marketing and social media blogs so even though Facebook will probably eventually take it down it has probably already done it’s job. Check out the images below to see why you should never do drugs…

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