Facebook Trials Brand Recommendation Tab In Attempt To Corner Mobile Review Market

Posted: 09/01/2012 in Social Networking/ Social Media
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While having the majority of the web market tied up, Facebook is now building up their mobile site by including a recommendation tab for certain pages and brands.

With features such as check-in already in place, the company is now aiming to become a hub for all mobile social media activity, emulating the service brought by Yelp, Foursquare and other location based apps.

According to Inside Facebook, so far these recommendations are only enabled for pages that are associated with a particular location. Any fan page can gain this status by adding an address into its info section, although it’s very likely that Facebook will extend this service to all its pages including brand pages, retail, corporate and other services.

For now, users can access this option from the mobile site (m.facebook.com) on touch devices but not the Facebook mobile app. After searching for a place by name or by browsing the nearby function, users can find the Recommendation tab through the ‘More’ option found at the top of the screen. From there, they can either write one or view the recommendations from other people.

While the obvious use for the recommendations tab is for businesses like restaurants and cafes, the option will be a more effective indicator than the ‘like’ button, allowing businesses a more comprehensive idea of how customers view their product or service.

The concept is geared solely towards either giving brands positive feedback or no feedback at all, but with brand pages to soon have access to private messages for any disgruntled fans to communicate through, it’s clear that Facebook is moulding their service so that more and more businesses will continue using the site.

Another important factor is that these recommendations could end up featuring on sponsored adverts on the main page. A friend’s recommendation will be far more effective in connecting with users than a simple ‘like,’ and it would mean that Facebook could have a new revenue stream to take advantage of. With revenue becoming a bigger part of the company’s plans, you can expect Facebook to introduce similar initiatives to keep brands happy.

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