Warner Bros Throws Hat Into Social Media Ring With Flickr Challenger Out My Window

Posted: 09/01/2012 in Social Networking/ Social Media
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With photo sharing sites like Flickr and Instagram gaining widespread popularity among photographers and smartphone users respectively, it would take something pretty special to shake things up.

Warner Bros. believe that this is something that they’re capable of achieving this through the announcement of a new social media site called ‘Out My Window‘. The site has yet to launch and visiting the homepage brings you to a coming soon page where you can sign up for the service. All signing up does however is to let you be notified when the service eventually launches.

Very little is known about the service so far but its obvious that Warner Bros. are planning a multi-platform release when the service is officially launched. One of the clues to the type of service that will be released is their app which they refer to as the ‘Personal Life Magazine Application’. This suggests that the angle Out My Window will take is to focus on presentation, documenting memories and cherished moments for its users in a stylish format.

Chances are that Warner Bros are either targeting a niche audience (presumably an older generation and/or those with families) or are hoping that presentation will be the way to entice people to use the service. Focusing on the former option would be the wiser option for the site to grow but its very early days and with no release date as of yet – although it would be safe to assume it will be launched within the next month or two – Warner Bros. can take their time to perfect the formula.


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