How different are young people today?

Posted: 10/01/2012 in PR & Ads

Actually, this article is a bit far away from what I aimed to share in this blog, but I couldnt stop myself to share it with you. Nowadays, I focus on youth marketing and trends. So lets see how youth has changed since 60s.

1959 — The GOOD American Teen-Agers

1959_The GOOD American Teen-Agers

“Good,” in case you’re playing along at home, apparently means preppy, sweatered and white.

1966 — The Teenagers: A Survey of What They’re Really Like

1966 Teenagers: What they're really like

I haven’t read the cover story, but one has to assume it’s littered with phrases like “behind closed doors.”

1980 — Teen Age Sex: The New Morality Hits Home

1980_Teen Age Sex_New Morality Hits Home

1999 — Tweens: Are They Growing Up Too Fast?

1999_Tweens_Are they growing up too fast?

2009 — Is Your Baby Racist?

Newsweek_Is Your Baby Racist?


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