New Tool Helps Politicians Advertise on Facebook

Posted: 17/01/2012 in Social Networking/ Social Media
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Have you ever come across political advertisements on Facebook? There’s a real science behind those ads, and a new service is aiming to help politicians understand and use that science to better connect with people.

Socialitical, a project of TargetedSocial, is a social media company designed to help politicians reach potential voters on Facebook.

Socialitical provides three types of services to politicians. First are “creative services,” which involve standard social media optimization (SMO). Next are “core services,” where Socialitical’s employees get more involved. They fully manage a candidate’s Facebook presence and handle all creative writing, while providing insights (easily shared with campaign staff) into every ad campaign’s performance. Finally, there’s “social listening,” which offers monitoring of social media “buzz.”

Using the information that Facebook users provide about themselves, (including city, ZIP code, level of education, age, gender and marital status) Socialitical can very precisely target specific demographics of users. That makes a lot of sense – you wouldn’t speak to a 65-year-old AARP member the same way you’d speak to a 20-year-old college student, so you shouldn’t advertise to them the same way, either. That data can also be used to target people in key battleground states, which are crucial to national political campaigns.

Socialitical’s approach is heavily video-centric. Users who click on a client’s ad are taken to a custom tab on a politician’s page where a video plays, so users who click ads are instantly interacting with a page. A politician’s page could also leave a cookie in a user’s browser, helping Socialitical to target campaigns to certain demographics outside of the Facebook platform — the “holy grail” of Facebook ads, Gottlieb says.

Every advertisement designed by Socialitical gets pre-approved by a politician’s campaign. Information about prior campaigns are archived to help Socialitical’s staff learn about what worked and what didn’t, improving their product in the long run. Socialitical delivers important metrics, like click-through rates and cost-per-like, in easily readable and sharable formats. A sort of “success speedometer” and other charts show an advertising campaign’s success in comparison to its previously agreed-upon goal.

All this makes Facebook a unique and powerful platform for politicians looking to reach out to voters.


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