White Coca-Cola Cans Freak Consumers Out

Posted: 19/01/2012 in Marketing
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They’ve stopped producing the holiday-themed white cans

Coca-Cola’s putting a stop to their holiday-themed white cans after just one month, because customers keep thinking they are Diet Cokes. Others insist that the taste was tweaked (which it wasn’t), saying white cans taste “funky.”

So now Coca-Cola has gone back to the red cans, but if you’re still confused about the white can, here’s a handy tip sheet from the company itself. It notes that Diet Coke cans have “Diet” written in black script and “Coke” written in red block font. Also, there are snowflakes on the can.

Reporters at the Wall Street Journal seem to like the change, saying in a video, “I think they look pretty snazzy.” Watch the full video below, where one man sadly says, “We don’t have the meaningful changes in our lives, so how about the superficial ones?”

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