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The idea that the purchase decision journey is not linear has been around for years. A good discipline for developing a customer-centric view is to lay out the different contact points that consumers have with your brand, starting from their first contacts, when they may not even be considering a purchase in the category, through the purchase process and the experience of the brand in use.

 The world is becoming far more complex than a mere loop. It might be better to think of our potential and current customers existing in a cloud of turbulent and sometimes conflicting influences.

In future, I suggest the challenge will be to ensure that any combination of communications will be effective, because we cannot guarantee that people will encounter them in the “right” order.  Though their specific tasks may differ, each impression must stay true to the core idea of the brand, and must be designed to prime and recruit other impressions in the Cloud. It will be vital to find something that works through every connection. Iconography, symbolism, idiom, and implicit communication will become far more important to support the delivery of powerful and synergistic brand impressions.