Topshop’s iPhone app lets customers keep up with new product introductions

Posted: 02/02/2012 in Marketing, PR & Ads, Social Networking/ Social Media, Strategy, Technology

The Topshop iPhone app

British fashion apparel retailer Topshop recently launched a fully transactional iPhone app to engage customers when they are in a store or on the go.

With a significant percentage of Topshop’s online sales already coming from mobile devices, Topshop created the app to make its entire product catalog easily accessible to mobile customers. In the first four weeks that it has been available, the app has seen more than 280,000 downloads.

Sharing items is popular

Topshop’s digital team worked with digital strategy agency Red Ant to identify the best and most appropriate features for the app. The app was designed to keep the Topshop brand identity at heart while making it easy for customers to stay up-to-date on what is new at Topshop, as the retailer changes several hundred items a week.

The first screen of the app is a dynamically updated home screen that links to key collections, a blog, Tumblr and campaign content. The main thrust of the app is the shop tab, which drills down through categories into product details via different list views.

Other features include a store locator, the ability to scan bar codes and QR codes or share products as well as daily product updates. Customers can use the app’s scanner to check stock at other stores if something is out of stock or share an item they like to their Facebook page.


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