The Small Idea That Went Global With the Help of Social Media

Posted: 08/02/2012 in Social Networking/ Social Media
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Ark° is a not for profit movement encouraging Acts of Random Kindness. It began in the small town of Holywood, Co. Down just 3 years ago. The idea was that you performed ‘one Act of Random Kindness (an Ark°)’, every time their brand was worn. The clothing acted as a reminder to be kind, while allowing the wearer to look good doing it.

Each piece of clothing carried a message, ‘inspiring others to be kind and getting them to think differently about the way life should be lived. It’s a symbol for a new way of life through a new kind of clothing’.

In an attempt to spread the Ark° message across the world the founder travelled to the US. This was the beginning of the end for (Ark°). They merged with the American Ark ( midsummer. However after a short time it became clear for all to see that their expectations differed greatly thus resulting in a split after 3 months.

As a result the Irish Ark° had to forfeit its website and the founder Cameron Stewart, was ‘worn thin’. Losing the website for him ‘was simply the icing on the cake that tipped me over. I do wish it hadn’t ended this way but I’m sure there’s a reason for it somewhere’.

Little did he know through Facebook and the dedication of his fans Ark° lived on. Its movement can be seen on the streets of Dublin and its fans, all over the world.


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