Youth Marketing Conference Athens

Posted: 22/02/2012 in Marketing
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Yesterday, I was in Athens to speak at  Youth Marketing Conference. We discussed how to improve our social media conversation in terms of to reach our target youth group. As I view, very less companies are effective in their social media marketing campaigns. There is a gap between brands and youngesters. Most companies fail in youth marketing, cause they lost their touch with youth base. To be succesful in your youth marketing several aspects must be in place, such as integrated marketing strategy and niche marketing strategies.

Youth grew up with internet and already fragemented media. They consume media and use technology in a different way. They are committed to digital world. Because of the characteristics of youth market, it is considered as a difficult group in order to reach to and connect to. Fragmented media and youths keen ability to identify and reject messages make it more complicated and diffucult for brands. Brands need to understand youths need and try to set up a  relationship based on how to figure out their creativity and freedom based ideas. Brands need to empower youth not only meet their sales quato but also to strengten their brand equity. There is a challenge for marketers today, to convert  todays youth into   tomorrows preferred loyal customer. They need to interact, teach and entertain with their target youth group during their social media conversation.


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