Cadbury Celebrates a Million Facebook Fans with 3 Tonne Chocolate Thumbs Up

Posted: 24/02/2012 in Marketing
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Brands may not know what to do with their Facebook fans once they get them, but they are coming up with more interesting ways of celebrating the milestone.

To celebrate the one millionLike’ mark, Cadbury live streamed the construction of a gigantic 3 tonne (or 6,600 pounds)’thumbs up’ statue from thousands of blocks of their signature Dairy Milk bars. The intricate ‘Thanks a Million’ thumbs-up construction was completed by a team of eager purple-clad Oompa Loompas.

To complete the construction Cadbury invited Denise, a superfan to place the final square on top. After the party the chocolate was donated to a company specializing in the research of alternate fuels. I’m wondering in the chocolate will be used to create that fuel or a special treat for the hungry researchers.

The ‘Thanks a Million’ campaign was created by London agency Hypernaked.


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