Digital Lifestyle Infographic

Posted: 10/03/2012 in Technology
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Would you like to organize your life –as digital as it goes-. Every day we use several technological tools to make it more digital.

The infographic highlights many of the decisions a consumer has to make with each new gadget they buy.

* What kind of batteries should I use?

* How much and what kind of memory will I need?

* How do I connect to my existing gadgets and computers?

* How will it work in my car?

* Do I have an available connection?

* Where can I add a new gadget (like a new hard drive)?





  1. Its amazing how much technology we use in a single day without realizing it. In your opinion do you think that’s a good thing? Or a bad thing? Hmm…

    • Thank you for your comment. We consume and use technology in a different way than before. We are committed to new technologies.It changed how we consume,sociliaze,mobilize and even how we function in a society. We are transformed into active influencers which we made the world more open and more connected via tech tools.

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