Our Mobile Planet, This study is a global effort conducted in partnership by Google, Ipsos and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) to get insights about the mobile user and its mobile usage. To better understand the mobile usage, the OurMobilePlanet site provides deep dives into the search, video, social and email behaviour, as well as mobile research and purchase intentions. Most of the data is set into context to the classical desktop internet to evaluate difference and similarities between these channels.

In this below chart, you see Turkey, Social Network Usage, Smartphones.


About the Survey – Methodology Timing

Surveys were administered during March and July 2011. Population

Target population were the private smartphone user, who accessed the mobile internet on their device in each country surveyed.

Frame population (sample base) was from Ipsos online access panels and partner panels in each country surveyed. Sampling

Samples in each country surveyed were aimed to be representative of the target population

Sample sizes are n=6,000 in the US, n=2,000 in Germany, UK, France and Japan, n=500 in Indonesia and Malaysia and n=1,000 in each other country surveyed

Quotas were applied in the sampling process with regard to age, gender, mobile internet usage and mobile brand, as to ensure representivity Survey Administration

The survey data was collected in all countries via an online questionnaire (CAWI – Computer Aided Web Interview)

Questionnaires were administered in local language for all countries surveyed

Survey length was 20 minutes

Continue reading : http://www.ourmobileplanet.com/omp/


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