Posted: 01/04/2012 in Marketing

5 Reasons Why I Hate Guy Kawasaki

1. I feel guilty because I bought +Guy Kawasaki ‘s book What The Plus for less than $3 on Amazon. I don’t want to feel like I owe him anything! .. where can I send him another $20 or so?

2. I wasted a bunch of time and money trying to learn about Google+ from others. He should have published his $3 tome a year ago before Google+ debuted!

3. Because of him, I learned about shared circles join, and I’m now meeting all of these smart people. Its really a pain in the a** reading well written posts and sharing conversations with intelligent people. I was almost used to cricket sounds and Charlie Brown teacher responses to my posts on other social media sites.

4. His book showed me how to find original content – the nerve! I was used to reading 3 day old or more “newsworthy” news from the “leading” publications. Yeah, but I bet the journalist just love him for sharing their trade secrets.

5. And worst of all .. I’m convincing friends of mine to sign up for Google+. This guy, Guy … he .. he … turned me into a Google+ Evangelist.

There are more reasons of course, but I’ll leave it to others to add to the list Smile.



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