Facebook Like Can Get You Fired!

Posted: 08/05/2012 in Social Networking/ Social Media
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Your First Amendment rights are probably the last thing you think about when you click the Like button on Facebook.

But just in case you were wondering, that innocent little blue thumbs-up logo is not constitutionally protected free speech. At least, not according to a district court judge in Virginia, who was the first to decide such a question in federal court.

The case before Judge Raymond Jackson was this: a local sheriff had fired six of his employees, some because their actions “hindered the harmony and efficiency of the office,” according to the New York Times. One of those employees, it turned out, had clicked the Like button on the page of the sheriff’s political opponent.

That may sound like a firing offense. But here’s the tricky part — not if the Like button counts as free speech. Public employees in Virginia are free to speak out on political matters, even if that means supporting the guy who wants to replace your boss.

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